Michael_story_packageA moment in time. Our life is just a bleep in a never-ending universe. We all hope and wish our fingerprints leave an impression on this Earth. Hidden within your bag creation is the making of a legacy. Multiple hours of craftsmanship and thousands of stitches are passionately drawn together to the revelation of a life worth cherishing. Someday someone is going to open the protective pouch and take a peak into a life worth preserving. It’s a labor of love.

Imagine that special day. Carrying over your shoulder a bag that means the whole world to you. More than the stuff carry, it’s your identity. It speaks about your soul. Reserved for special occasions, that’s what your bag is – a time capsule into the future and a glimpse of your life today to share with others.

I shared with you my son Michael’s story. This bag uses a photograph as the main design. I also created a bag for my dog Josie. Her bag has artwork hand painted and hand embroidered. You can see her story here.

Like I said before the bag can be your life story, your child’s, husband, boyfriend, or pet. It can also be created for your grandmother, mother, sister and girlfriends. 

I would love to hear how you would create a legacy bag. Leave a comment below. Do you think a time capsule is a great idea? What would you put inside the bag?

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