About Kathy Lengyel

lengyelHello. My name is Kathy Lengyel, the designer behind Minds That Create. I have an extensive background as a graphic designer and illustrator (too many years to count). My journey to creating handbags and embroidery comes from my love of working in fiber art. It all started in the late 80’s when I developed a style of combining illustrating with fabric for commercial work. Back then most illustrations for publishing and advertising were the traditional 2-D art mediums only 3 other nationally known artists used fabric as their medium beside myself.

In 1990, my art was featured in Step-by-Step Graphics magazine for an advertising campaign for Thomaston fabrics. During that time, I received several other assignments for illustrative work from clients like Ford Motors, Honda Motors, Georgia Pacific, Publix Supermarkets, Florida Power, and Bank of America (Nations Bank).

My national breakthrough came from Berkley Publishing in New York when they commissioned me to create 13 romance novel covers for their new “Romance in the Heart of America” series. The series become such a success for the publisher and spawned the careers of several authors that the series continued for several years with over 60 covers illustrated from 1990 – 1995. Several of the romance covers won merit awards from the Dimensional Awards Show showcased at the Art Directors Club of New York.

In 1996 I started a small pattern publishing company called “Artistic Appliqué”. Artistic Appliqué published several intermediate to advance applique patterns and a book called “Celebration of Summer”. In 1999 and 2000 I taught classes at Husquvarna Viking annual dealer’s conventions on appliqué and embroidery. My different machine appliqué technique has inspired many quilters to a new approach to quilting. From this, Cactus Punch licensed some of my designs by digitizing them for the home embroidery sewing machines.