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Whether you are a traditional hand embroidery gal or heavily invested in the latest sewing technology we have embroidery designs and patterns for the beginner to advance sewing enthusiast. Buy the embroidery design or just the pattern, we are sure you’ll get addicted to making bags that your friends will say “WOW! YOU MADE THAT!”.

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Sewing handbags can be tricky especially when you want your bag to look professionally made and not HOME made. Our patterns take you step by step through the process using bag stability techniques never shown before by using a piece of your old blue jeans sewn inside. This hidden treasure is only known to you. On the outside no one knows the jeans are in the construction creating a fabulous professional looking finished bag.


Okay, so maybe you’re a traditional seamstress. You like the old hand needle and thread. But we added a new twist. Fabric Coloring. Just like your favorite childhood past time of coloring books and crayons, we created patterns that are transferred onto fabric and hand colored with fabric ink. Then with needle and thread simply sew along the printed lines with a back stitch or add your own embroidery touches. It’s fun and relaxing… melt the stress away while making something beautiful.


So you got one of those fancy embroidery machines and ready for the creative challenge of making something special. What about an embroidered handbag? We have large format embroidery designs made specifically for handbags, totes and shoulder bags. Some of the designs also include the hottest trend in fashion – Appliqué! These designs are unique, sophisticated and trendy… and go perfectly with our handbag patterns.


I hear ya. You want a fancy embroidery machine, its on your dream list. But why wait. You can create a beautiful embroidered bag using these ready made embroidered panels. These are the same embroidery designs we sell for the embroidery machine but the embroidery work is already done for you. As a matter of fact, some of these embroidered panels include on Torray Ultrasuede®, and all are quilted for extra strength making them beautiful fabric for bags. Want to see the end results? Click the Embroidered Handbags button below to see finished bags for sale.


Don't sew but love to have one of our designs. Check out Significant Journey Bags.

Limited Quantities. Some are one-of-a-kind creations.



Create a bag with a lining that tells YOUR STORY! Custom made fabric with your story printed on cotton fabric using your choice of colors.

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Tell Your Story.

[or your loved ones]

What better way to keep the memory of a loved one then to tell her story in a bag! It could be your wife, girlfriend, child or a loved pet on a bag or express your own life story as a keepsake to pass down to your family.

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A piece of your old jeans is sewn inside.

Our handbag sewing technique uses a sustainable material to give your bag structure and support. A material you probably already own – blue jeans. Our patterns show you how to recycle your jeans and add a piece of you into every bag you create.

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Express Your Personality.

Are you a simple gal who likes her bag to be organized? Meaning you like pockets in your bag with little or no decoration. Maybe a memory of your boyfriend is something you want to cherish in your bag. Write your story about how you met, your favorite thing to do together, his pet name for you. Use HIS jeans! Or create a bag around your child or children. Write about their life, personality, the special memories.

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